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R 10,800.00

KOLDKOTE Cutback bitumen adhesive contains selected bitumens, solvents and fillers, blended to give optimum drying and laying times. Product consistency is controlled to give easy spreading and optimum coverage.
KOLDKOTE Cutback flooring adhesive is ideal for bonding vinyl asbestos floortiles, roofing felt, and wooden blocks onto smooth and dry cement floor screeds or slabs.

Ensure that the surface is dry. Very porous or mildly dusty surfaces should first be primed with a single brush or roller application of Bituminous Priming solution. The prime coat should be allowed to dry before applying the adhesive.

1. Spread KOLDKOTE cutback bitumen adhesive with a notched trowel. Ensure that the triangular notches in the trowel are of sufficient depth (usually 1.5mm).
2. Allow the adhesive to dry till only a slight pick-up is evident with moderate finger pressure. This tacky stage will be reached 15 - 20 minutes after application. The adhesive is now ready to receive the covering.
3. Adhesive that has dried excessively and which will not stain the finger pressed into it with moderate pressure must be scraped off and a fresh layer applied.
4. Do not risk laying the tiles, woodblocks or roofing felt on a freshly applied layer of the adhesive. The covering material may be displaced during the initial wet stage if laid too soon.

Warning Flammable product.

KOLDKOTE Cutback bitumen adhesive contains a volatile flammable solvent. Apply the adhesive only in a well ventilated area and taking necessary fire precautions. Keep containers closed and store away from heat, sparks and open flames.

Product type : Solvent based bituminous adhesive.
Colour : Black.
Spread rate : 4.0 - 7.0 sq. m. per litre.
Drying time (to tacky stage) : 15 - 20 minutes in a well ventilated area.
Application temperature : 5 - 30 degrees C.
Flash point : 20 degrees C.
Mass per litre : 0.99kg.

All prices displayed on this website include VAT. Product pricing is per location. Arrangement of prices on the website is by location name in alphabet . When selecting new location, appropritabe prices for such locations are displayed . Your order is processed using the displayed VAT included price displayed for your selected location. Location based prices are applicable to selected delivery locations or territories.

Where a manual quotation is requested , we will provide this indicating the VAT portion already included in displayed prices .

We do 100% refunds on all unaccepted products rejected on arrival before offloading within 24 Hours.


100% Refund Policy:

All products wrongly delivered , rejected on arrival, before offloading will be taken back to nearest depot by our drivers at no additional cost to you. It is customer's responsibility to visit depot and view samples for all  colored aggregate, concrete and stone products as natural gravels vary in shades of colors.   Correct product will be delivered within 24 hours (product exchange) or alternatively a full refund is processed immediately. This policy does not apply to products rejected due to differences in shades of colors on  concrete and aggregates as we keep all product samples which the customer has responsibility to visit and view before delivery . Aggragates are natural products and shades of colors do vary even when taken from same quarry. 


Partial Refund Policy

Goods delivered, accepted and then returned thereafter will be refunded at Invoice value less handling Fees .  Handling fees are charged to cover transportation, and product handling costs and will not exceed 85% of Invoice value (product dependent). Custom manufactured products are not covered by this refund.

Refunds for Delivery Cancellations

Client initiated delivery cancellations are accepted when communicated in time, preferably a day before delivery.  Such cancellations can be due to weather changes, project scope changes or timing changes. There is no penalty for on time cancellations (communicated before commencement of delivery).  Cancellations of orders in transit (After commencement of delivery)  are subject to partial refund. Refunds for in-transit cancellations are for material only. Transport costs are forfeited . We retain evidence of material cost . Where valuation of material cost is disputed, equivalent original manufacturer prices are accepted as fair valuation. Material refunds are not applicable to custom made products.

All our advertised prices include delivery cost to your selected delivery location. With a partner network of depots, trucking companies , quarries, workshops and manufacturing plants nationwide, we are able to offer competitive delivered prices for all our products.

Select your delivery location next to your product and place your order for scheduling of delivery. For locations outside the ones listed on Delivery Location options, kindly request a separate transport quote.

Delivery lead times:

  • 2-3 day lead time delivery applies to locations within Cape Town, Johannesburg, Pretoria and Durban.
  • 3-5 Day lead time delivery applies to the rest of South Africa.
  • Concrete Products takes 5 to 7 days to cast and cure.

Truck Access and Offloading:

Offloading is done right next to where truck can park, get into. Maximum 3m from Truck if Bagged and Right next to Truck if Loose Aggregates ( We do not cart with wheelbarrows at offloading.  Bagged Products are taken upto Maximum 3m by our delivery crew.  Deuces Pavement Materials (Pty) Ltd nor any of their employees / subcontractors takes any responsibility for damage to property due to trucks entering / existing premises, crane movement or placement of products on site.

Bulk quantities are delivered using most cost effective commercial truck sizes. 

It is customer's responsibility to inform us of any access restrictions which will require separate transportation Quote with smaller trucks. Truck sizes we use are 4 Ton, 8 Ton, 10 Ton, 15 ton and 30 ton . Advertised prices include delivery with closest sized truck to your total ordered tonnage. For deliveries within Estates, or properties with restrictions it is client's responsibility to communicate in writing any site specific restrictions at quoting stage. Returns due to access restriction problems accrue a 100% delivery penalty (Refunds will be for material only).