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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Got questions? Here we answer most of them.

Q.  Is there a minimum quantity for delivery?

Answer:  Yes, we deliver orders from R3000 going up.


Q. Is a ton of stone same as a cubic meter.

Answer:  No, a cubic meter of gravel is equal to 1.35 tonnes of gravel.


Q. How many square meters does 1 ton of stone cover.

Answer: At 50mm landscaping thickness. 1 ton covers 10 square meters.


Q. How many square meters does a bag of pebbles cover

Answer:  2 bags of pebbles cover 1 square meter


Q.  What is the lead time for delivery after placing Order?

Answer: orders placed and paid are delivered within 2 Days for Aggregates , 7 days for concrete Products , 6 Days for Gabion Baskets, and 2 days for Asphalt and Bitumen .These lead times are applicable to deliveries within Cape Town, Johannesburg, Pretoria, Durban. For all other cities, lead time is 7 working days.


Q.  Does Pavement Materials Group do installations for its products or its supply only.

Answer:  Advertised prices are for supply and delivery only.  We do installations at an additional charge.


Q. I am a landscaper/Contractor , is there a discount available?

Answer:  Yes, we offer volume discounts of upto 10% depending on quantities purchased.


Q. My project is outside of South Africa. Do you offer export services.

Answer:  Yes, we are a registered exporter and assist with exportation and clearance of all our products. Some products comes with a SA Certificate of origin.


Q.  I am not in Cape Town, Johannesburg, Pretoria or Durban.  Can you deliver and install for my project, if so what is the lead time.

Answer:  We have a national presence and deliver anywhere in and outside South Africa. Our installation teams are mobile and offer services countrywide.


Q.  Are the advertised products quality approved.

Answer:  Yes, most of our products are either SABS or Agre'ment Approved and such approved products are supplied with a copy of the approval certificate where required.


Q. What is your product return policy?


We do 100% refunds on all unaccepted products rejected on arrival before offloading within 24 Hours. This policy is not applicable to products rejected for reasons related to aggregate or concrete color as we keep samples and deliver exact product as on samples viewed. It is customers responsibility to come view product samples were required.


100% Refund Policy:

All products wrongly delivered , rejected on arrival, before offloading will be taken back to nearest depot by our drivers at no additional cost to you. It is customer's responsibility to visit depot and view samples for all  colored aggregate, concrete and stone products as natural gravels vary in shades of colors.   Correct product will be delivered within 24 hours (product exchange) or alternatively a full refund is processed immediately. This refund policy is not applicable to product rejection due to concrete or aggregate color variations. 


Partial Refund Policy

Goods delivered, accepted and then returned thereafter will be refunded at Invoice value less handling Fees.  Handling fees are charged to cover transportation, and product handling costs and will not exceed 65% of Invoice value (product dependent). Custom manufactured products are not covered by this refund.

Should there be other questions not adressed above , feel free to call us or sent your inquiry to