Anionic Stable Grade Bitumen 60% - SS60 (200L Drum)

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SS 60 stable grade is a low viscosity anionic slow set bitumen emulsion.
SS 60 stable grade is used mainly as a cold applied binder for the manufacture of slow set slurry mixtures which can be
batch mixed and applied by hand or with a continuous mix and lay machine.
SS 60 stable grade can also be diluted with water and applied onto aged seals as an enrichment spray or as a tack coat for
an asphalt overlay.
The slow setting nature of SS 60 stable grade makes it ideal for mixing and applying slurries by hand. Slurry mixtures
prepared by batch mixing can be kept workable in transit mixers up to 2 hours before setting.
Slow set slurry mixtures prepared with SS 60 stable grade, rely on the evaporation of the water component to cure.
SS 60 stable grade conforms to the SANS 4001-BT3 specification for anionic bitumen road emulsions