24 Ton Equestian Horse Arena Silica Sand

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We have led the equestrian market as a specialist producer since 1992. Over that period our products and services have been extensively developed and refined to the extent that, today, they represent the industry standard in terms of quality, drainage properties and durability. Typically, applications among our wide range of domestic and commercial equestrian customers include all-weather race tracks, gallops, show jumping and dressage arenas, maneges and polo pitches.

Advantages of a our equestrian surface products.

  • Quality silica sand for successful drainage and durability
  • Surface cushioning and jarring prevention
  • Product consistency
  • Low maintenance
  • Rounded to sub angular grain shape
  • Expert advice on construction and maintenance

Cost- effective and very responsive deliveries are available nationwide in the following vehicle sizes; 8 tonne, 16 tonne  20 tonne and 29 tonne.